TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Onder de noemer van MiFiD II worden vergunninghouders in Europa bedolven onder de volgende hoeveelheid administratieve en andere verplichtingen. Een daarvan is de TCO, die wij in dit stuk voor u nader toelichten.

MiFID II en LEI in Europa

Geen effectentransacties meer zonder LEI m.i.v. 3 januari 2018! (Den Haag, 17 februari 2017, aangepast op 3 januari 2020) Inleiding In de strijd tegen voorkennis en marktmisbruik hebben de Europese toezichthouders, waaronder de AFM, binnen het ESMA een nieuw set regels vastgesteld, die bekend staan onder de afkorting MiFID II. MiFID staat voor Markets in […]

MiFID II and LEI in Europe

In the fight against insider trading and market abuse, the European regulators, including the Dutch AFM, have introduced a new set of rules through the ESMA, which are known under the abbreviation MiFID II. MiFID stands for Markets in Financial Instruments Directive and ESMA stands for European Securities and Markets Authority. MiFID I dates back to 2004, MiFID II was decided upon in 2014. The practical application of MiFID II currently finds its way into the national laws and regulations in the Netherlands and all other European countries. Most of the rules that are laid down in this new package are important for professional financial service providers. Consumers will have little bother here other than that the consumer is going to be even better informed about costs and risks of the products that are offered to him. But one thing is going to have a direct impact on consumers, especially when he or she directly or through a legal entity carries out securities transactions, in short anyone who invests or allows others to invest on his or her behalf. The rules for this part of MiFID II are set out in the chapter on “Transaction Reporting”.